HB3287 Unfortunately Passed The Senate

The Texas legislature has just passed the new HB3287 bill aimed at making breweries with 225,000 barrels or more of production per year pay the distributors a fee to serve their beer on draft within their own taprooms.  This bill was opposed by every craft brewery within the state as well as the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.

Despite the best efforts of small breweries all over Texas as well as the many craft beer drinkers who signed the petition, HB3287 passed through the Senate with 20 ‘Yeas’, 10 ‘Nays’, and 1 ‘Present’:

Texas Bill HB3287

HB3287: Big Money over Craft Beer

This is basically our Texas legislators telling us that distributors big money pockets are more important to them than our free market enterprise or the voice of the Texas craft beer drinker.  While it’s not uncommon for most states to have the three tier system for alcohol (Brewery, distributor, retailer), distributors making money just because they exist and not because they did anything is just plain idiotic.  This is also bad for craft brewers.  This sets a precedent that distributors can make money off of brewers for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I think we need to applaud the 10 State Senators who voted against this bill:

Here are the latest tweets about HB3287:

The reality is this law does nothing to protect craft brewers and only puts more money into the pockets of big distributors.  If your senator was not on the list of those who voted against this bill, please contact them and let them know your displeasure with them for voting for this bill.  Let them know that the craft beer community has gone unheard for WAY too long and that we intend to take our beer back!  We simply cannot allow our legislators to continue to pad the pockets of the big bad distributors and write bills that hurt craft breweries!


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