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HB3287: Bad for Craft Breweries and Texas

The 85th Texas legislature has introduced a bill known as HB3287 which is aimed at trying to make a level playing field between macro breweries (ab-inbev/SAB Miller Coors) who’ve bought mid-sized brewers (Breweries that produce more than 225,000 barrels/year) and craft breweries.  What they want to do is make it so that any brewery in the state of Texas that brews more than 225,000 barrels of beer has to pay their distributor for the right to be able to sell that beer on their own premises.  Did you just follow that?  They want the distributor to collect money for something they had absolutely no involvement in producing or creating!  Basically Making money for not doing a damn thing!

While I understand that their intentions are to help the flourishing craft beer community here in the great state of Texas, they are absolutely approaching this in the complete wrong way.  Breweries are growing at a very fast past.  Deep Ellum brewed 33,000 barrels of beer in 2016 and will soon have the capacity to produce as much as 90,000 barrels.  That’s a Two-Thirds jump in only one year and as demand for quality craft beer continues to grow, breweries will continue to grow with that trend at a staggering pace.

What are people doing about HB3287?

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild recently sent out a tweet about this bill and the damage it can cause:

The guild represents the majority of craft breweries in the great state of Texas.  They understand that passage of this bill does absolutely nothing to stop the macro-breweries from trying to stifle the competition (If you call craft breweries their competition).  As they state in the Tweet, they understand the long term implications of this bill.

“I filed it to save the craft breweries in the state,”, “I support your independence.” – Rep. Craig Goldman, R-Fort Worth, one of the bill’s authors

When it comes to craft breweries in the state of Texas, our legislators just don’t get it.  They don’t understand the revenue our craft brewers are bringing to the economy because of the sale of beer on premise at a brewery taproom (I’ll save the packaged beer argument for another article), nor the jobs being created by these same brewers.  Make sure you contact your local representative and let them know your displease at the passage of this bill in the House and let’s try and keep this bill from making to the Senate!

Check out the original bill Here.

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I am a local DFW native who ventured into craft beer (Imports) back in the late 80's. My goal is to be able to educate the craft beer community as much as possible about our burgeoning craft beer scene here in Dallas/Fort Worth. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

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