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Beer Reduction Sauce By A Michelin Starred Chef!

Hops are the enemy of good cooking which means they don’t work well in making a beer reduction sauce.  The Alpha Acids in hops, when reduced, will become too pronounced and be overly bitter.  While we may like our IPA’s super bitter, I’m sure most of us don’t want our food to taste that bitter, right?

“…the bittering that is so pleasing in an IPA is likely to become overbearing in the concentrated sauce.” – Horst Dornbusch
Typically beer is used in other ways for cooking (Think beer chili or beer battered cod), but it’s typically not used in reduction sauces.  I wanted to see if it was even possible to try and use a non hoppy beer such as a Barleywine, Belgian Quad or similar beer to make a good beer reduction sauce.  I figured there had to be a way to use a beer that wasn’t very hoppy, reduce it and put it on some type of chicken or fish dish.  You might even be able to use this beer reduction sauce on a good beef dish, although one doesn’t come specifically to mind just yet.  I’ll have to think on that one.

How do we change this then?

Turns out Michelin star chef Werner Licht of Haralds Kochschule in Munich, Germany has come up with an excellent beer reduction sauce!  Now to be fair, I actually haven’t tried it yet.  I will be giving it a go this weekend.  He agreed to share the reduction sauce and 4 recipes with Zymurgy© magazine.  It will be interesting to give these recipes a try.  They all sound amazing!

To get the sauce and recipes, please visit the Homebrewer’s association page here:

If you have other recipes that could do well with a beer reduction sauce, please let us know in the comments!

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