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AB-InBev Just Bought the Entire Crop of South African Hops

For those of you who have been defending the AB-InBev practice of buying up craft breweries such as Karbach or Wicked Weed, or are a craft beer enthusiast but really don’t care who buys what, you might want to pay attention.  As it turns out, AB-InBev just bought the entire crop of South African hops basically preventing any craft brewing establishment from purchasing any of these hops. Some of these hops, which are some of the most sought after new hops on the market today, will be used in only AB-Inbev’s craft breweries and not shared with the rest of the craft beer industry.

Many of the craft breweries have weighed in on this situation such as Rhode Island’s Proclamation Ale Company:

San Francisco’s Cellarmaker Brewing Co.:

Portland, OR’s Great Notion Brewing Co.:

and San Diego’s Modern Times Beer:

So, if you think AB-Inbev buying up small craft breweries is insignificant or the fact that these South African hops only account for less than 1% of the worlds supply of hops, you might want to look at the larger picture.  This trend is only going to get bigger with the macro breweries such as AB-Inbev.  They will continue to use these kinds of practices to drive consumers to purchase only their beers and brewery brands while they reap the profits from those people out their who just don’t care, or are uniformed. This hurts local craft brewers who take pride in using these kinds of specialty hops and providing local and national consumers with a product they can be proud of.

They next time you go to the store and want to buy that wicked weed beer sitting on the beer shelf, you might want to think twice about who you’re supporting when you do that!

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I am a local DFW native who ventured into craft beer (Imports) back in the late 80's. My goal is to be able to educate the craft beer community as much as possible about our burgeoning craft beer scene here in Dallas/Fort Worth. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

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